My name is Nicolas Wambolt and I was born in Mannheim, Germany.
My Origins are German-Swedish.

Soon, the funny circumstances of life had me growing up on the island of Mallorca in Spain during the seventies (Franco time in Spain) .
Oddly, It happened to be that at that percise time the islands where literally packed with artists.
So you where influenced constanly by everybody around you. Specially comic artists. There was a boom.
Here I visited the local schools as well as the infamous “Escuela de Artes y Oficios” in Palma (the school where you do exactly the opposite of what the teachers tell you to do).

After that I moved on going to college Studiying Fine Arts in Manhattanville College, New York.
This was the early 90´s. Very interesting time. New York is forever part of my photographic memory now.
Here I drew Rugby T-shirts for the jocks, caricatures, and even Handsignals and logos for Black fraternities.
“At first the teachers didnt like my shit, but in the end they gave my an A”

Next thing you know I find myself constantly drawing everything from toasters to friying pans during an internschip in the advertisement agency Lintas, back in Frankfurt, Germany . That deffinitely was a start to whatever kame next…(those friends and influences remain forever).

Then I went to Madrid.
There I became assistant to the “The Master” Jaume Ramis.
A genius illustrator who taught me a great deal about craftsmanship, work discipline,
and the business in general.
(A bit like in the chinese master-pupil movies)

From there I started to elaborate some of my own works, and …
bit by bit I got more into working for different clients like agencies, magazines and newspapers such as ,Rockdelux, Rolling Stone, El Pais, Frankfurter Rundschau, Mallorca Zeitung, Offbeat Magazine, etc.
Also for advertisement agencies like BBDO, LEO & Burnett, Bassat, Vitruvio, Jung von Matt, Ogilvy, Springer & Jakoby, Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi,and so on…
It is better to be viewed than to be explained.